It's me

Arnab Kumar Das the Crazy Engineer.

I, Arnab Kumar Das aka. Crazy Engineer is an Indian Electronics and Communication Engineer, I love to travel, eat good food and Make Crazy Gizmos. I was born and bought up in West Bengal, Incredible India. I have keen interest in electronics and gadgets since I was a young boy and have had many amazing mentors throughout my journey. As a kid I used to open up every appliance I used to found. I got early knowledge about electrical circuits and appliances from my father. I got my first solder iron at the age of 13 after that I started making DIY circuits. My first notable project at the age of 14 was “CLAP SWITCH” that switches on and off any appliances by a clap sound. And my crazyness continued……

While obtaining my B. Tech (Hons) degree from Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India, I started making YouTube videos, which opened a door I never dreamed of.

I have put up videos of different projects that I have done during my engineering degree and now planning for making Tutorial and other Crazy DIY guides. I love sharing knowledge and I think YouTube and this Blog is one of the best way to share. My friends calls me Crazy Engineer seeing my passion for technology and electronics.

I also have participated at numero us Tech Fest and competitions including national as well as international events. I have experience in Analog electronics, Embedded Electronics and also Mechanical Stuffs like Go-Kart and E-Bike designing.

I can't live without my tools and hardwares. I am obsessed over well-decorated and well-lit spaces. In my free time I love doing Photography. I love warm weather, technology and friends. I Dream of being an inventor and doing good for world citizens.

As I keeps exploring the new directions technology taking me, I truly hopes you will follow my journey and be a part of it!


• CNC based Drawing machine (2017)
Made a CNC machine in low cost to draw or write on any flat surface using any ink based medium.

• Li-Ion Laptop Power Bank (2017)
Made a Li-Ion powered battery bank with DC to DC converters.

• IOT based Health Monitoring System (2017)
It uses ESP8266 to connect to Wi-Fi and upload Biological Vital signs to website.

• IOT based Smart Dustbin (2017)
Designed a dustbin that measures itself how much it is filled and uploads that data to web server.

• RFID and Barcode Scanner Based Smart Shopping Solution (2017)
A smart trolley that connects using Bluetooth with a mobile barcode scanner and do automated cashless transaction at the end of shopping.

• Full Featured GUI Mobile Phone Using LPC2148 ARM7 Microcontroller (2016)
Made a Mobile Phone capable of outgoing and incoming of Call and SMS with RTC and Calendar using ARM7.

• Speed Based Auto Ignition System in HYBRID Go-Kart, Speedometer, Bluetooth Mobile Lock, Pollution Monitoring, Anti Collision Alert (2016)
Designed a Hybrid Go-Kart for HGKC competition that runs both on Petrol and Electricity with smart features using Atmel AVR Microcontroller.

• LabVIEW based Inertial Measurement Unit Interfacing and Motion Tracking (2016)
Implemented Gyroscope and Accelerometer Interfacing to track object orientation in real-time in LabVIEW.

• Health Monitoring System with Emergency SMS Alert (2016)
A patient monitoring system that sense abnormality in Heart Rate and Temperature and Alerts the Doctor and family through SMS.

• RFID and SMS Based Train Ticket Reservation System (2016)
Passengers can buy Local Train Tickets using prepaid RFID cards and get SMS Tickets instantly.

• Mars Rover, University Rover Challenge, Mars Society USA (2015)
The aim was to build a remotely controlled rover capable of working in Mars like Terrain and Perform some Task.

• Automated Welding Robot Arm (2015)
A servo motor based industrial Welding Robot Model.

• Face Recognition Based Door Lock Using Raspberry Pi (2015)
Used Raspberry Pi and Open CV package to implement Face Recognition using PCA to Open and Close Door Lock.

• Ultrasonic Based Proportional Wall Follower (2015)
Used multiple Ultrasonic sensor to make a parallel wall follower robot using AVR Atmega328p and Proportional Algorithm.

• Remote Control Two Wheel Drive Car (2015)
Made a RC car with all parts hand made with Wood, Plastic, Aluminum. A customized gearbox is made to get 20Km/hr. speed.

• Remote Control Water Boat (2015)
A light weight RC boat project with Propeller based propulsion system and servo motor controlled rudder.

• Remote Control Airplane (2015)
A ultralight high density foam made RC Aeroplane with propeller based propulsion system. High efficiency BLDC motor was used for propulsion.

• Electric Bike with Face Recognition Handel Lock for E-Bike Racing Competition (2015)
Designed an Electric Bike that can run at maximum speed of 60km/hr. With on road run time of 3 hours.

• Artificial Electronics controlled Greenhouse (2015)
Made a Greenhouse capable of maintaining Life Supporting characteristics like temperature, humidity and light for plant growth electronically.

• Smartphone based Bluetooth controlled Lock/Unlock Vehicle and Ignition System (2015)
Designed a Bluetooth protected lock and ignition system for Vehicles to stop theft of vehicles.

• Wireless Electric Energy Consumption Meter with Load Control (2015)
Used 2.4Ghz NRF24L01 for wireless data acquisition for billing and load control and monitoring of multiple Energy Meters.

• Designed a HYBRID vehicle that runs on Engine and Motor (2015)
Designed a Go-Kart with dual propulsion Electric and Fuel Based Engine with self-made Digital Speedometer and Password Lock.

• 9-Axis fusion (Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer) based Motion Tracking (2014)
Designed a motion tracking device to track hand movement using 9-Axis Data Fusion.

• Advance PID control based Autonomous Line Follower Robot (2014)
Implemented Analog Control System’s Proportional Integral and Differential Control Algorithm in Path Following Robot.

• Water Rocket (2013)
Studied aerodynamics by making water bottle filled with compressed gas rockets.

• Electric Tram Transport System Project for Lovely Professional University (2013)
The aim of the project is to make autonomous Electrical Tram that can run on Campus for Transport.

• Human Detection based Street Light Control (2013)
Designed a smart street light that automatically switches on in presence of any Human on road.

• Made my own PCB of Development Board using Eagle (2013)
Designed and made my own PCB for my Microcontroller Development Board.

• Electric Solar vehicle (2013)
Made a Solar and Battery powered Go-Kart with Battery level Indicator. The vehicle could run on Battery and also Solar.

• Very Basic Line Follower Robot (2013)
Used some basic gates and motor driver to make a basic line follower.